What is Ella Interactive?

Ella Interactive, who uses Ella?

Digital marketing has become a dynamic service, which utilizes many different avenues and byways of the internet.  Digital marketing uses social media platforms, email marketing, search engine optimization, and many other programs and tactics to help companies get more business.  The wide scope of digital marketing makes it a complicated business, and thankfully, there is a simplified solution available: Ella Interactive.  Ella Interactive automates the entire digital marketing process.  

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Much of digital marketing can be monotonous work.  Writing captions for Instagram and Facebook posts, over and over again, is tiresome, time-consuming work.  Digital marketing automation will automate that entire process.  Everything from scheduling social media posts, following up on leads, and organizing all of your marketing data can be automated with a tool like Ella Interactive.  

Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation Tools

There are many different benefits of utilizing a digital marketing tool like Ella Interactive.

Save Time and Boost Creativity

No longer will you have to spend so much time working on all of the social media posts that digital marketing requires.  With a tool like Ella Interactive, all of that monotonous work will be cleared away for you and your marketing team to focus on more creative and interesting work.  When you have the option to automate your work, why wouldn’t you?

Better Insight into Your Business

Ella Interactive will allow you to have a much more exact understanding of your marketing strategies.  Ella Interactive will clearly chart out all of the work that is being done, which will allow you to have a clear understanding of who is working on what, how a certain idea is performing, and what should we do in the future.  Having strong data is essential for a 21st-century business.  Ella Interactive can gather data that would otherwise be inaccessible.  If you do not have data-based insight into your business, then how can you be certain that your current strategy is working?

Improve Your ROI

An automated digital marketing tool like Ella Interactive will help your company increase its return on investment.  A digital marketing tool can fully automate upsells, crossells, and follow-ups.  By automating all of these processes, you can easily increase your revenue and the scale of the deals that you are making.

How Can Ella Interactive Help?

Through Ella Interactive’s variety of tools – like social media management, task management, and email/SMS marketing – we are confident that we can help you take your business to the next level.

Social Media Management

Quality social media management has many benefits for your business:

  • Save time. Schedule a month’s worth of social media posts all at once, and then you can monitor to see how each post is doing.  Is it being shared, liked, or commented on?  What are other posts in a similar niche that are performing better?  By saving time, you can begin to answer some of these high-leverage questions.
  • Organizing your work is essential for any business –  and especially with digital marketing.  By having all of your digital marketing resources in one place, you can easily track all of your information and data.  
  • Creating data visualizations will allow you to easily justify the cost of your digital marketing approach.  Let the data speak for itself.  You can show all of the clicks and leads that are generated off of your marketing campaign.
  • With a bookmarking tool, you can easily save all of the good ideas that you see on the internet.  Just think about how many good ideas pass you by, ideas that you wish you could hold onto for later.  Well, with Ella Interactive, you can!

Task Management Tool

In a digital setting, it can be difficult to coordinate and manage projects.  With Ella Interactive, that problem goes away.  Our task management tool will allow you to easily organize projects and prioritize tasks.  

-Prioritizing assignments and projects will allow you and your team to have a clear understanding of what needs to get done, and in what order.  You don’t want your team to be working on one task, then another, then returning to the original task, then jumping to something else.  You want an organized and efficient approach.

– Visualizing your projects will allow your team to be on the same page.  You can simply point to something and have concrete visuals to refer to.  When everyone is on the same page, real collaboration and communication can occur.

– Analyzing your data will allow you to make informed decisions.  Remove the guesswork from your business and let the numbers speak for themselves.  Data is the only way that you will know if a strategy is succeeding or failing.

Email/SMS Marketing Tool

Email marketing is an older but equally effective digital marketing strategy, which Ella Interactive can offer you.  You want to be able to promote your business, directly reach your target audience, and generate leads.  Email marketing is a way for you to directly address the clients that you have in mind.  Email is a great way to build a relationship with potential or current clients.

Who Uses Ella?

Ella is used by a variety of small businesses and agencies.  Ella’s digital marketing tools span a wide range of applications and uses, allowing the tool to be used by many different businesses.

IAC Pros

One long-time user of Ella Interactive is IAC Pros, an air-duct cleaning and HVAC company.  For over 2 years, IAC Pros has allowed Ella to handle all of their digital marketing – everything from data analytics to their Google My Business page.  

Eglevsky Ballet

Another long-time user of Ella is Eglevsky Ballet.  For this company, Ella has tracked Facebook campaigns, sent emails to parents, and monitored their advertising campaigns.  

An automated digital marketing tool like Ella Interactive will allow your business to make high-leverage moves.  With Ella, you will have access to data that will allow you to make savvy and well-informed decisions, as well as the time to explore more creative ways to improve the functioning of your business.

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