What is a CRM Tool and How Can it Help My Business?

The relationships that a business fosters with its customers are essential to the business’s growth and success. Yes, providing quality products and services is just as important, but providing your customers with quality care and effective communication is something that cannot be overlooked. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will allow your business to grow and retain past customers. You might be thinking that you already have great rapport with your customers and everything seems to be going fine – no complaints. However satisfactory your customer relationships are, you should consider improving those relationships – and forging new ones – with an effective CRM tool.

What is a CRM Tool?

Whether you are a small business or a large business or an agency, Ella Interactive can serve as a great CRM tool. A CRM tool is designed to fit some of the needs of a small business. One of the most important features of a CRM tool, such as Ella’s, is that it allows for easy communication between various team members. In addition, a CRM tool like Ella can provide a lot of high-leverage data, data that can be used by the customer to understand how their business is performing and what trends are developing. In short, a CRM tool can facilitate communication lines and schedules, analyze performance, and automate tasks.

Why Should I Use a CRM Tool?

In 2022, there are technologies out there that could greatly improve your business and how it functions. A CRM tool like Ella Interactive will help both you and your customers understand how businesses are performing. What did the engagement with that last social media campaign look like? How many new visitors am I getting to my website? In today’s day and age, these are questions you need to be able to answer. Ella Interactive can help you with that. Now let us take a closer look at some of the other benefits of using a CRM tool. 

Improve Your Follow-Ups on Leads and Client Deals

Following up on leads and deals can be laborious, boring work. It is the type of work that can always be put off, but never should be. Ideally, a business should be following up on leads and deals on a daily basis. Using a CRM system like Ella, you could be able to automate all of those follow-up emails and communication. You would not need to labor over the computer and search for all those old leads. By crafting the messages, you can provide the personal touch that might persuade a potential client to begin working with you.

Facilitate an Analysis of Customer Buying Patterns

Information technology can help us gather heaps of data. The data is out there, we just need a way to sort and organize it. Ella can do just that for you. Ella can help you track customers’ order history, phone calls to your business, when a customer made purchases, who was making the purchases, and other pertinent data. Now, you will not need to navigate spreadsheets or other difficult-to-read documents; with a CRM tool like Ella, all of the information and data you could need are stored on one, easy to read dashboard. The data will be organized in intuitive graphs and charts, diagrams that we are all familiar with. A business needs to know the specific details of how its products or services are being purchased. With Ella, you now have access to that information.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategies

Ella Interactive, in addition to providing your business with quality data, can also revolutionize your marketing approach. Say goodbye to manually posting all of your social media posts, sending out each email, and then just left to wonder if any of those strategies worked. Ella can provide you with a variety of templates to use for your social media posts, so you do not need to go through the labor of designing each post. Ella can also schedule your social media posts far in advance. The same is true for email marketing: Ella will be able to automate your email marketing campaigns. Perhaps most importantly, Ella can track how your marketing efforts are performing. You will be able to understand what sort of posts garner what degree of interest, and then integrate that information for future marketing campaigns. 

Provide Quality, and Consistent Customer Service

Customers do remember how a business treated them. Did they wait for days before they heard back from you? Did it seem like they were not treated with the importance that they think they need? Well, we understand that it can be easy to forget about a customer or two here and there. Business does get busy, after all. Thankfully, with a tool like Ella, there will be alerts, deadlines, and schedules all posted onto the dashboard – so you do not need to worry about what project needs to be done when and did you debrief with that particular customer. Ella will organize your customer communications so you do not need to worry about forgetting anyone or missing any assignments. 

How Do I Know Which CRM is For Me?

Now for the hard part. There are many, many different CRMs out there and they all seem to promise quite a bit. So, which platform is best for my business? Well, that is only for you to decide. But there are some important considerations that you will want to make. Obviously, you will need to consider how much money you are willing to spend on a CRM tool. For a tool like Ella, you can provide a variety of payment options – so you do not need to worry about buying a plan that does not fit the needs of your business. You will also want to consider just how many users will be on the tool, because that will also influence what sort of plan you may use. Lastly, you will want to consider if there are any niche CRM tools out there, perhaps one that is specific to a certain industry. Ella, however, is such a dynamic CRM tool that it can be used in a variety of environments and scale of business.

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