Text Marketing

Learn how to use Ella Interactive for text marketing campaigns

Create contact tags and send text marketing campaigns to your contacts

Use Ella Interactive to send text SMS marketing campaigns to your contact list. It’s simple to assign tags to contacts, enter your message and choose the datetime to schedule the text. It’s reliable and builds personalized messaging to your contacts

How To Send A SMS Text Marketing Campaign

To send a new text marketing campaign, enter the required information in the campaign form. This includes the campaign name (used internally to reference later), campaign message, customers tags to send to, and the scheduled datetime.

Enter the details required for your new text marketing campaign. This includes adding the campaign title to use for referencing the campaign later, campaign message is the message to send to your contacts in the text message, and the datetime of your campaign.
Choose what tags to target by choosing the tag name. The text marketing campaign will only be sent to the tag chosen in this form.

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