Task Manager

Learn how to use Ella’s Task Manager page

Assign Tasks, Campaigns, and manage social media calendars with Ella Interactive.

With Ella Interactive, you can create new tasks for teammates, clock into or out of timesheets, set up campaigns, and view your social media calendar all inside one dashboard. It’s simple to assign tasks with automated email notifications and mark outstanding tasks completed after you finish the work. The calendar notifies you for any upcoming work due date, social media post, timesheet, and campaign.

How To Create A New Task

To create a new task, simply log into the Task Manager page and click “Add New Task” button at the top right of the page.

Enter the task name, task details, and links to any documents or references (optional). Choose a teammate to assign the task to and enter the due datetime. After you create the task, email notifications will get sent automatically the user.

How To View Current Tasks

To view current tasks, scroll beneath the calendar to the Tasks Tabs. There you can view the following tasks:

  • My Tasks (tasks assigned to you)
  • Assigned By Me (tasks assigned by you)
  • All Tasks (all tasks for the account)
  • Completed Tasks (completed tasks for the account)
  • Outstanding Tasks (all tasks not completed)
The Tasks Tab is your view for all tasks assigned to the business. View each category of task and manage your work in a way that fits your business.

How To Complete A Task

To complete a task, select the green checkmark icon and mark the task as completed.

Click on “Complete task” to mark this task as completed.

How To Delete A Task

To delete a task, simply click on the red trashcan icon and delete the task.

How To Start A New Timesheet and Clock In

To create a new timesheet, click the “Start A Timesheet” card to the right of the calendar. Then simply choose the timesheet category and press “Clock In”.

Start a new timesheet by choosing the category and clicking “Clock In”

How To Clock Out and End An Active Timesheet

To end a timesheet, click the “Clock Out” button to the right of the calendar.

Click the “Clock Out” button to end an active timesheet.

How To View A Task On The Calendar

To view a task on the calendar, simply find the datetime for the task and click the task event. It will take you to a page that displays more details on the task.

Click onto the task event in the Calendar and visit a page with more details on the task.

How To View A Social Media Post On The Calendar

To view a social media post in your social calendar, simply find the datetime for the scheduled post and click onto the event. It will take you to a detailed page of the post and the ability to edit or delete.

Click onto the post for details and the ability to edit.

How To Create A New Campaign

To create a new campaign, drop and drop the duration of the campaign on the calendar and complete the details form. After saving the campaign, you can click onto the calendar event to visit a detailed page of the campaign with the ability to edit information.

To create a campaign, choose the start date and end date with the drag and drop calendar tool. Then enter the campaign name and message or details. Teammates can follow the calendar to stay up to date with current campaigns.

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