Keyword Research

Learn how to use Ella Interactive for keyword research

With Ella Interactive, you can track keywords and trends that matter for your business.

Track keywords and trends, get important metrics like monthly searches and average cost-per-click bids, related keywords and more. Ella makes it easy to run keyword research reports and related keyword suggestions.

How To Add A New Keyword

Click the “Keyword Research” link located in the left side-bar and enter your keyword in the input form. After submitting the new keyword, Ella will run it’s keyword report that contains the following information:

  • Trend Score
  • Estimated Search Volume
  • Average Cost-Per-Click
  • Related Keywords

You can export this data into csv formats.

To add a new keyword, enter the keyword or trend into the input form. After submitting the keyword, Ella will run a report that contains trend score, average search volume, cost-per-click bid, and related keywords.
After adding a new keyword, Ella will generate a keyword report that highlights important metrics like the trend score, estimated search volumes, average cost-per-click amounts, and related keywords.

How To View Related Keywords

Use the “Related Keywords” page to find keywords that are related to your keywords. You have the ability to export this data in a csv format to run custom reporting and analysis.

Press the “View Related Keywords” button or click the “Related Keywords” title in the sidebar.

To view more data on related keywords, you can click on the icons to the right of the title. The green “+” button adds the selected related keyword to your keyword list, the external link icon brings you to the search results page, and the line graph will bring you to a detailed keyword results page.

To add the related keyword to your keyword list, click the green “+” button. To view more data on this keyword like yearly trends click the line graph icon. The external link icon will direct you to a search results page of the selected keyword.
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