Learn how to use Ella’s Graphics page

Upload and manage your graphics. Use Ella’s pre-built templates to create new graphics on the fly!

To use the Graphics page, simply click on the link in the left sidebar. Here you can upload new graphics, manage existing graphics, and create new graphics using Ella’s pre-built templates.

This is a great way to keep your campaigns organized by allowing you to store graphics for social media posts and content for active campaigns, branding, and advertising creative.

How To Upload New Graphics

With Ella Interactive, you can upload new graphics and store them in a accessible page. Simply press the “Upload New Graphics” button in the top-right of the Graphics page.

Click the “Upload New Graphics” button and upload new your new files into the drag and drop pop up module.

How To View My Graphics

To view your graphics, click the Graphics link located in the left sidebar. You will be directed to the Graphics page where you will see your current graphics.

How To Delete A Graphic

To delete a graphic, simply click the red trashcan icon and delete the selected graphic.

How To Create A Graphic Using A Template

To create a new graphic using Ella’s pre-existing templates, simply choose the template and select the “Generate Now” button. There you will see a drop-down containing the required information needed to create the graphic. In most cases, this includes uploading an image and /or adding text. After completing the form, wait a few seconds and Ella will generate your new graphic!

The first step to create a new graphic using Ella’s pre-built templates is to choose the template you want to build from. Ella has a range of templates that include different content styles and designs.
After clicking “Generate Now”, you will see a drop-down that contains the form required to complete the template. This typically is an image upload and/or custom text.

Explain the action or page on Ella you have additional questions on. A member from our support team will contact you immediately