Email Marketing

Learn how to use Ella Interactive for your email marketing

Ella Interactive makes email marketing easy with a simple design builder and campaign management.

To get started with Ella’s email marketing page, create a new email design using a simple drag-and-drop template builder. After creating a template, click the start a new campaign button and enter the details of your new campaigns.

Ella is focused on making email marketing easy. You can get started on a new campaign immediately and can choose specific contacts to target by using Ella’s contact tagging system. After confirming your design, send a test email and then publish the new campaign at your selected datetime.

After sending a campaign, view reporting insights by clicking on the campaign name in the “Campaigns” card.

How To Create A New Email Design

To create a new email design, click the “Create New” button and enter the design title in the pop up.

Click the “Create New” button to start your new email design
Create your email using the drag-and-drop email design builder. After you’re completed designing the page, click the floppy-disc icon to save and return to the main page.

After designing your template, make sure to hit the save button (Floppy disc icon).

How To Edit An Existing Email Design

To edit an email design, simply click the email design title in the “Email Design Templates” card. You will be directed to the email design builder page pre-loaded with your selected template. Edit and save to complete.

How To Create A New Email Campaign

To create a new email campaign, simply press the “+” icon in the “Email Campaigns” card. Complete the basic campaign detail form by adding the following:

  • Campaign Name (used for internal use)
  • Email Sender Name (<email_sender_name>
  • Email Subject Line
  • Customer Tags To Send To
  • Chosen Template or Create A New Template
Press the “+” icon to start your new email campaign. After completing the basic form, create your email design, and choose the datetime to send.

How To Schedule and Complete Email Campaign

To complete your new email campaign, confirm your email design and send a test email to the email assigned to your personal Ella account. After confirming the test, select the datetime for the email campaign and press the “Complete Campaign” button.

How To Review Email Campaign Statistics and Insights

After sending your email campaign, you will be able to report on the following insights:

  • Total sends
  • Total bounces
  • Total opens and open rate
  • Total clicks and click-through rate
  • Contact Activity
To get insights on email campaigns, click the email campaign title in the “Recent Email Campaigns” card. You will be redirected to the reporting page with insights like total sends, opens, clicks, and individual contact activity.
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