Creating a new SEO Audit for an entire website

Run a professional SEO Audit in 3 simple steps

For the best results, follow these three simple steps. First run a new site-wide SEO Audit for your business profile's website. After the audit is completed, export the SEO warnings and page-by-page results. Then run a new Tech SEO Audit using the homepage URL and export the Mobile and Desktop results.

To Generate A New Sitewide SEO Audit:

1. Visit the Onpage SEO Page of a business account.  SEO > Onpage Audit

2. Click on the ‘Start Now’ button next to ‘Run a new Sitewide SEO Audit’

View your results and SEO warnings by visiting the Onpage Audit page inside a business account.

See Your Onpage SEO Audit Results and Improve Your Page Score

After your Onpage SEO Audit is completed, you will see the following results:

  • Average Page Score
  • Page Readability
  • SEO Warnings
  • Individual Onpage Audits For Each Page Crawled
  • Export Total Results and Page By Page Results

Get Total Warnings Sitewide and By Page URL

Know what’s wrong with your website and find out how to optimize.  Export your SEO audit and warnings to improve your onpage optimizations. 

Update Your SEO Audit and Get Real Time results

Simple Actions To Stay Up-To-Date

Click on the download button and export your Onpage SEO Audit in a csv file.  The trashcan will delete your current report, helping you keep your report clean and refreshed.  

Know What's Happening With Your Onpage SEO

Get 15+ of the most important SEO metrics updated daily inside Ella and get a complete understanding of your Onpage SEO.  Know what’s wrong, where the optimizations are, and how to fix current SEO errors.  

With Ella Interactive, you get the best SEO reporting data available.

Running a Tech SEO For Your Website

To run a new Tech SEO Audit, simple visit the Tech Audit page underneath the SEO menu.  Then enter your website’s URL and Ella will generate audits for both mobile and desktop experience.  Get page score, warnings, and suggested optimizations.