Learn how to use Ella Interactive’s Contacts and CRM

Upload contacts, create tags, add attachments to contacts, and send email and text marketing campaigns.

Use Ella as your contact marketing and CRM tool!

How To Import Existing Contact Lists

Download the following contact import template and add your contact data into the template. It’s required to keep the headers in the first row unchanged.

After updating the csv file, re-upload to Ella in the “Import Contacts” tab.

To import existing contacts, download the template from Ella by clicking the “Download Your Import…” link. After updating the csv file with your contact data, re-upload the file and click the “Submit” button.

How To Add/Delete Tags

To create new tags, click the “Tags” tab and enter your new tag in the input form. After adding the new tag, assign the tag to contacts by selecting them in the main “Contacts” tab. Use tags to segment users to send emails and text marketing campaigns.

To delete a tag, find the tag in the “Tags” tab and click the delete icon.

Create new tags in the “Tags” tab and then assign to contacts. Use tags to segment contacts and to send email/text marketing campaigns.
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