The Power of Automating Facebook Posts and How Ella Can Help

Over the past five years or so, Facebook has risen to be a colossal social media platform, wielding a great amount of power and influence. Facebook has become much more than just sharing photos and memories. As you probably know, Facebook is a hub of commerce, business communication, marketing, and advertising. 

Facebook has many different uses – and this is especially so in the business world. And perhaps you have even become wise enough to do some research as to how to best use Facebook to market and advertise your business. You research what sort of content people engage with and at what time people go on the app. You then go through the process of creating that perfect Facebook post and wait until the time is right – perhaps 7 pm – and hit the post button then. While this strategy might work in the short term, this strategy cannot be used over a long period of time and it cannot scale. Automating your Facebook posts will go a long way to save you time, effort, and trouble. 

Why Should I Automate Facebook posts?

Automating Facebook posts will be one of the best things you can do for your marketing strategy. Now let’s take a closer look at just exactly how automating Facebook posts can help you out.

Increase Efficiency

Study after study has proven that multitasking does not work and also that switching between tasks takes a lot of time and cognitive effort. So, you do not want to be creating Facebook posts while you are on the phone with a client and while you are trying to put together a schedule for next week’s assignments. And I am sure that you have noticed that switching between tasks can ruin your performance: you were just cruising along on that difficult assignment, and then you see it is almost time to upload your Facebook post. That flow you just had is gone now, and you will have to restart that whole process again. Stay in the zone and increase efficiency by automating your Facebook posts.

Improve Your Reach

With social media marketing, timing is extremely important. There are certain hours of the day in which a person is most likely to check the app. And, depending on your audience, that time of day might change. You do not want to have to leave the dinner table to go upload a Facebook post and, worse yet, have to get up in the middle of the night to upload one. Schedule posts throughout the day so you can increase your reach and spend less time disrupting all of the important things that you need to do.

Enhance Consistency and Quality

In order to get the most out of social media marketing, you need to be posting quality content with some frequency – and the frequency will depend on the type of business you are and who your audience is. By planning out all of your posts, you can check over them and adjust them, according to how previous posts are performing. You can look weeks ahead and see what sort of Facebook posts will work at what time of the year. A quality Facebook campaign requires diligence and consistency, which is exactly what automating your Facebook posts can offer.

Automate Your Facebook Posts with Ella

You just read a whole lot about the benefits of automating your Facebook posts. And I am sure that you are wondering just how to automate your Facebook posts. Well, thankfully there is a program – Ella Interactive. Ella is an all-in-one digital marketing tool, with many features that can help your business grow. But today we will just focus on how Ella can automate your Facebook posts. 

When you sign up with Ella, you will have access to a dashboard with all sorts of information – website analytics tracking, keyword research, and also social media post management. Depending on the plan that you sign up for, you will have access to a variety of ready-made templates for any social media platform – including Facebook. In other words, Ella already has a bunch of different model Facebook posts, and you can upload whatever photos or captions that you would like to the template. Once that template is organized, you simply schedule however many posts you would like.

The Benefits of Automating with Ella

Ella can do a lot more than just automate your Facebook posts. An effective digital marketing strategy contains a lot more than just automating your Facebook posts. You need to be able to automate the right type of Facebook posts. And you can’t do that just based on a hunch. You need quality data – and that is exactly what Ella can provide you with. Ella has a keyword research tool that can find what keywords people are searching into Google in order to find a website or business like yours. Based on all of those queries, Ella will rank the most popular keywords. With that information, you can begin to include those relevant keywords into your Facebook posts and thus improve your reach.

You will also want to know how your Facebook posts are performing. How many people are engaging with them? At what time are people engaging with them? Are any of these ads leading to conversions? All on Ella’s easy-to-use dashboard, we can provide you all of that data and information. Ella Interactive is revolutionizing the way companies manage their digital marketing campaigns. Do not base your marketing decisions off of whims and hunches. There is an enormous amount of data out there that you can leverage to help your business grow, expand, and increase efficiency. No matter what type of business you run, you need to have an informed and effective digital marketing strategy. No matter where your business is, no matter how large or small it is, there is a plan and way to use Ella Interactive that will greatly improve the insights you have into the workings of your business. 

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