How Law Firms Can Use Ella Interactive

Like any other business, law firms also need an effective digital marketing approach. A law firm, like any other business, needs a personalized digital marketing strategy. A one-size-fits-all model does not work for those in the legal profession. With Ella Interactive, your law firm can have a digital marketing strategy that targets the right audience, utilizes data to inform decisions, and most importantly, we will help you communicate your law firm’s values to your clients and target audience. Before we take a deeper dive and see what Ella can do for you, you might be wondering what Ella Interactive is.

What is Ella Interactive?

Simply put, Ella Interactive is an all-in-one digital marketing platform and CRM tool. By all-in-one digital marketing tool, we mean that with Ella, you will have access to a whole suite of options: task management, keyword research and SEO audits, social media post management, website analytics tracking, email & SMS marketing, phone call tracking, custom AI software, and access to consultation with any of our digital marketing experts. With Ella Interactive, you can automate much of your digital marketing efforts, like social media posts. You can choose from any of our social media templates and create and schedule all of the posts you have coming up for the next month. 

Ella Interactive will put a wealth of data at your fingertips, data that tracks how your website is performing, what pieces of content are performing well, and what your conversion rate is. You need data to inform your business decisions. With Ella Interactive, we no longer have to base our decisions off of a whim or a hunch. All of the resources that Ella offers your law firm gives you a lot of options and opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at how your law firm can use Ella.

Build Trust in Your Law Firm

People want to work with a law firm that they can trust. Compared with traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing offers some great opportunities for you to get creative and build trust in your law firm. You can create unique, personalized email marketing campaigns. By sending out relevant and interesting emails to your audience, you can efficiently express what your law firm’s vision is and the services you can offer. Social media marketing is another way that you can get your message across and let your target audience see what your law firm stands for. Take the time to assess what kind of law firm you are and what your values are, and share that with your target audience. Your law firm needs to stand out from the rest. By sharing what your law firm stands for, you give yourself a chance to distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition.

Make Data-Informed Decisions

There is data everywhere. However, if you do not have the right tools, you will not be able to access that data–let alone use it to plan your next moves. Ella Interactive will give you the tools to access all of the data that would otherwise pass your business by. With real-time data in hand, you are able to get a better handle on what specific services clients are in need of right now, or what sort of content your audience engages with the most. Our data collection will give you an unprecedented window into your law firm. 

Website Analytics Tracking

By installing Ella’s website analytics tracking snippet onto your webpage, you will be able to track sessions, top pages, referrers, and sources. How did that blog perform? Was it shared on other websites or platforms? You need to know how users are engaging with your website–and with Ella, you can. Website analytics tracking will give you the data to understand how users are interacting with the content on your website.

Keyword Research & SEO Audits

You want your law firm to get noticed by other people. However, your website will not magically be seen by online users – despite how good a law firm you think you have. You need to optimize your website for the search engines – which is something that Ella can help you with. By researching relevant keywords, and then incorporating them into content pieces and landing pages, your law firm stands a much better chance at getting ranked on Google. And when your law firm ranks well, you will be seen by a much larger audience. Running SEO audits is another great way to make sure that your website is satisfying the algorithms that govern the search engine results page. Better data means your business stands a better chance of being seen.

Phone Call Tracking

Phone call tracking is yet another great way to collect data and better understand how your clients are reaching your business. What and how many leads are being generated off of your advertisements? You need to know which marketing strategies are working best, and phone call tracking is an excellent metric to have at your disposal. 

Organize and Optimize Your Law Firm

From end to end, your law firm needs to be organized. Organizing your digital marketing strategy is essential to presenting the most accurate representation of your law firm. There are many, many different ways for you to market your law firm. It’s okay if you still do not have a strong idea of what your brand is and how you might want to market your law firm – we will help you with that. You do not need to use all of the different tools Ella has – use only what is relevant and useful for your law firm. Digital marketing is a new and complicated enterprise, with many different innovations coming out each month and year. You don’t need to trouble yourself with catching up with the latest update in the Google algorithm or the terms and conditions of the new iOS update. Ella Interactive can take care of all of your digital marketing needs. There is data and information out there – take advantage of the latest technology and give your law firm the best opportunity to succeed. Ready to manage your digital marketing? Schedule a demo with us today.

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