How is Ella Interactive Different from Other CRM Tools?

CRM tools (customer relationship management) have made quite the splash in the digital marketing world.  In many ways, they have revolutionized the way companies approach marketing and sales.  Despite how great CRM tools can be, there are many out there.  Which one should you choose?  You want a CRM tool that is dynamic and that can fit many different niches and needs – which is what Ella Interactive can provide.  But before we go into what makes Ella Interactive unique among other CRM tools, let’s recap what exactly a CRM tool is and how it can serve your business.

What is a CRM Tool?

Like we just said, a CRM tool helps with customer relationship management.  Customer relationship management can include many different projects.  Most CRM tools will, above all, improve your organizational effectiveness.  Instead of hopping between several different email chains, social media platforms, and Google apps, you can have all of this conveniently located in one dashboard.  This will greatly help your team organize all of your communication lines between you and your clients.  This way, you can be sure that no clients will slip through the cracks or get lost in the shuffle.  

Why Should I Use a CRM Tool?

A CRM tool can greatly organize your business and communication with your clients – but that is not the only benefit that this tool can provide.  

Save Time with Automation

One of the greatest benefits that technology has provided, and CRM tools as well, is that they save a ton of time and labor.  Instead of waiting for the perfect time to post across social media platforms and performing all of the mental gymnastics that is required, you can easily schedule and automate posts weeks and months ahead.  No one wants to spend hours upon hours uploading all of their social media posts – and with a CRM tool, you no longer have to.  You can save time with automation.

Organize and Optimize Your Workflow

With a lot of marketing, communication, and documents all being stored and conducted online, you need to have an organized workspace.  But the digital workspace looks a little different from a traditional, in-person setting.  However different these two workspaces are, a common thread runs between: they can get messy.  A CRM tool will allow you to clean up your social media campaigns, communication lines, and other documentation – all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard.  

Data-Driven Insights into Your Business

In the 21st century, you can no longer afford to base marketing campaigns on educated guesses and inconclusive data.  You need to have effective, high-leverage data and insights into how your marketing campaigns are performing.  Now, the exact insights that a CRM tool can provide your business will vary depending upon the capabilities of the CRM tool.  Now, let’s turn toward Ella Interactive and see how it distinguishes itself from other CRM tools.

What Makes Ella Different?

Some CRMs work better for small businesses, some work better for large businesses and corporations, while others are better suited for freelancers.  Part of what makes Ella Interactive unique is that Ella can be used by any client, with any type of need.  Freelancers and small businesses, large businesses and corporations, can all use Ella for their marketing needs.  

Payment Plans for Businesses of Any Size

You might wonder – how could a marketing program be used by businesses of many different sizes and needs?  Won’t some clients be overpaying, and others perhaps not getting what they are paying for?  Well, Ella has solved that riddle.  With Ella, you will get exactly what you pay for.  Ella offers plans for freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large businesses, corporations, enterprises and marketing agencies.  In addition, within each payment option, you can scale up or down according to your marketing needs.  You can sign up for the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum plan.  The bronze plan contains the least amount of resources, while the platinum contains the most – like having access to a marketing expert at Ella Interactive.  

All of Your Tasks Managed in One Place

In the way of task management, Ella Interactive can provide you with many different resources.  First, Ella offers an easy-to-use dashboard in which you can collaborate and communicate with your team.  With a simple calendar, you can have a clear view of what tasks need to be completed, when, and by whom.  

Also, Ella offers some really interesting features for social media management.  Like we mentioned earlier, CRM tools usually automate social media posts.  Ella can do this.  Better yet, Ella can provide you with a variety of different social media templates.  You do not want to spend time painstakingly creating the best social media post.  Instead, use some of Ella’s tried-and-true social media templates.  This way, you save time and can share effective social media posts.  

Website Analytics, Keyword Research, SEO Audits, and More

Ella can be used by many different businesses, and it also offers great tools for social media management and other tasks.  However, Ella is much more than a task management tool.  Ella can also offer you a lot of insights into your business.  With Ella’s website analytics tool, you can see how exactly your website is performing.  Are new users visiting your website?  When is your website most active?  What demographics are using your website?  To understand your business better, you need to know specific details about how your website is engaged – which leads to the importance of keyword research and SEO audits.

Keyword research and SEO audits will allow you to understand what your target audience is searching for and how you can optimize your website.  You might think that your website needs to be improved, but without a proper audit, you will not know what your next steps should be.  Ella Interactive has great customer relationship management capabilities to help transform the way you conduct your marketing campaigns and, ultimately, the way you understand your business.  

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