How Construction Companies and Service Providers Can Use Ella

Having an effective digital marketing strategy is not only for trendy, tech-savvy businesses.  Effective digital marketing strategies should be used by all businesses.  An effective digital marketing strategy is the difference between your business ranking high on the search engine results pages and being seen by a lot of potential clients, or being towards the bottom of the page and not generating any leads through your website.  

Digital marketing can be a difficult space to navigate, however.  Digital marketing encompasses many different skills and niches – keyword research, social media campaigns, website development, and email marketing, just to name a few.  And you already have a business to run – you do not really have the time to learn all there is to know about social media marketing.  Thankfully, there is a tool for you: Ella Interactive.  Ella is a great tool that construction companies and other service providers can take advantage of.  Ella is an all-in-one digital marketing tool that can provide you with many different tools to help you expand your businesses reach and clientele.  

Why Should I Use Ella?

Ella is a new and exciting digital marketing tool.  You can’t really find anything out there quite like it.  Other digital marketing firms and teams rely a lot on manpower.  Ella, however, automates a lot of different digital marketing strategies – such as social media campaigns and email marketing.  Ella also organizes all of the useful information you will need in one convenient dashboard.  You will not need to open up many different tabs or click through different links.  All of the information you will want and need – how your website or social media campaign are performing, for example – will be displayed as simple charts or graphs.  

In today’s environment, you need the full force of the internet behind you.  Ella utilizes the latest technologies and also has help from experts on digital marketing, which will help troubleshoot any issues or help tailor your digital marketing approach to your specific needs.  

What Can Ella Offer My Business?

Ella can offer you with a whole suite of options, all of which can be scaled up or down, according to your company’s needs.  In addition to having access to exciting new technologies like custom AI software and the internet of things, you will also have access to some of the experts at Ella.  We understand the importance of having another person to communicate and collaborate with.  With that, let’s take a closer look at some of the services that Ella can offer construction companies or whatever service you might provide.

Task Management

Instead of searching through your emails, google docs, and handwritten notes, you can organize all of your digital marketing work in one, easy to access place.  In our task management tool, you can use a simple calendar that outlines all of the tasks that are upcoming for that month.  You can also outline deliverables, campaigns, and other actions that are coming up in the next weeks and months.  Our task management tool will help keep your business up-to-date and ready for whatever is coming down the pipeline.

Keyword Research and SEO Audits

Keyword research and SEO audits are both vital to your business being found by new clients.  Keyword research will find what online users are searching for, what they are interested in. By finding what keywords lead them to services like yours, Ella will then incorporate those keywords into social media campaigns, landing pages, and blog posts on your website.  Incorporating the right keywords in your content will help your website rank higher on the search engine results pages.  

SEO audits will accomplish a similar goal.  In an SEO audit, Ella will look at how your website is performing and which aspects of the search engine results page algorithm your website is satisfying.  Based on that information, Ella will then tune your website up and get it better suited for the algorithms and their criteria.  SEO and keyword research will undoubtedly help your website get organic traffic, leads, and conversions.

Website Analytics Tracking

Related to keyword research and SEO audits, website analytics tracking takes a close look at how your website is performing.  But instead of paying attention to keywords and if your website is aligned with the algorithms, website analytics tracking pays attention to online users’ engagement with your website.  How many first-time visitors is your website getting?  How many repeat visitors?  At what time of day do users tend to engage with your website?  Website analytics tracking will give you access to all of that information and more.  

Email and SMS Marketing

Email marketing is the bread and butter of any marketing campaign.  It’s a tried and true method that has been with us for the better part of two decades.  With Ella, you can import your contact list and easily draft, schedule, and send out emails or SMS to your clients.  Ella will also use keywords research to inform some of the content of the emails and SMS; all of the tools that Ella uses build on and off of each other.

Phone Call Tracking

You need to know how your customers are reaching you.  Phone call tracking will help you see and understand how your customers are reaching you.  You can directly see what phone calls you are getting from certain ad campaigns, which will give you hard evidence of how that campaign is performing.  You need to be able to correctly attribute some of your marketing successes or failures and what your ROI is.  

Ella Interactive is a dynamic digital marketing tool.  There are many different digital marketing strategies and technologies out there, and Ella takes advantage of all of them.  Though Ella is an all-in-one digital marketing tool, you will still be able to consult with some of the experts at Ella Interactive – making Ella the strongest digital marketing tool available.  Whatever your business’s digital marketing needs are, Ella has a plan that makes sense for you.

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