How Can Google Analytics Help Me Understand My Business?

Google Analytics is an exciting resource out there for businesses to use. With Google Analytics, you can have access to many, many high-leverage insights. However, Google Analytics is a large tool and you might not know exactly what it can offer you. Let’s take some time to break down how Google Analytics works and what insights it can offer your business. 

What is Google Analytics?

Simply put, Google Analytics tracks all sorts of user data. Once all of the data is collected, it is then sorted out and organized onto a large, easy-to-read dashboard. The data that you will find on your Google Analytics dashboard are known as metrics. A metric on Google Analytics is a single piece of data. The data will be represented as either sums or ratios. Now that we have a basic understanding of what Google Analytics looks like, let’s take a deeper dive and look at what sort of insights it can generate for you.

Active Users On Site

Ever wonder how many people are visiting your site, right now? Well, with this particular insight, you can. In real-time, you can track how many users are on your site. This insight can also show you that your Google Analytics account is set up properly.

Top Active Pages

Knowing which pages on your website are getting traffic is essential to understanding what sort of content is appealing to users – and that is exactly what this particular insight can offer your business. In real-time, you can track what sort of traffic your different web pages are getting. Is that recent blog performing well? Is that new location page getting traffic? With the top active pages insight, you can have access to all of this information.

Goal Conversions

You need to know what users on your website go on to make a purchase. Google Analytics goal conversions will allow you to do exactly that. Before you can see this data, though, you will need to set a goal of a certain number of conversions. However, it is important to understand that you can only see goal conversions over the past thirty minutes. 

Audience Age

Every digital marketer or business owner running his or her own website needs to know the target audience and what age demographic is visiting their website. If the people visiting your website are, on average, older than 38, then you will run content much differently than if the average age was less than 32. 

Audience Gender

Same idea as before – you need to know your target audience and who is visiting your website. Google Analytics can allow you to see what genders are viewing your website and in what proportion. 

Audience Location

Google Analytics will give you a real fine-grained view of who is visiting your website. You can see age, gender, and even audience location. See where in the world your audience is viewing your website, which will help inform what language you might offer your website to be viewed in and at what time of day you will schedule social media posts.

New and Returning Visitors

With this particular insight, you can divide your users into users who are new to your site and visitors who are returning to your site. Google Analytics considers returning visitors those who have visited the site within the past two years. A lot of new visitors may tell you that your content strategy is performing well, while not having a lot of new visitors will tell you that you need to think of some more engaging content. 

Desktop and Mobile

This insight will allow you to see how people are viewing your website – either on desktop or mobile. Knowing this metric may shed some light on what sort of audience you will market towards. If there is a large discrepancy between desktop and mobile users, it might also indicate that your desktop or mobile version needs to be improved.

Users Flow

You might have wondered if there was a way for you to track a user’s journey on your site. Well, with the Users Flow insight, you can. You will be able to see what web pages they went to and what content they interacted with. You can even get insight into how users found their way to your website. Did they follow a link from another website? Did they search a certain keyword and found you on the search engine results page? You will even be able to see what website users went to after yours. 

Lifetime Value of a User

This particular insight will help you understand how an individual engages with your site. Did they sign up for your product within 90 days of visiting the website? Did they purchase your product within that same time window? You can also determine how many times a particular user visited a website and which pages he or she interacted with. 

Acquisition Channels

The Top Acquisition Channels is a very powerful insight to have. With it, you will see which part of your website is generating the most amount of traffic. You will be able to understand which of your content campaigns are working and which are not. The Top Acquisition Channels will give you an insight into where you are getting your business and traffic from.

New Users

It is important to know if there are new users visiting your website. You need to know if your most recent marketing campaign is making any traction with your target audience. 

Landing Pages

Google Analytics will allow you to track the traffic of specific pages on your website, which might be new landing pages and PPC campaigns. Are your ads generating traffic and bringing your target audience to your website? If a particular landing page or marketing campaign is taking off and gaining traffic, you need to have access to that data.

Google Analytics is an essential tool that all businesses need to be using. In order to get the most out of it, you need to have the right people organizing the data for you – and that is the beauty of Ella Interactive. With Ella Interactive, you will have Google Analytics and also insight into your social media campaigns. Data is essential to your businesses success. Let Ella Interactive give you insight, power, and control over your business. 

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