Getting Started

To get started with Ella Interactive, create a personal account that grants you access to creating new business accounts or joining existing ones.

It’s simple to create a personal account. Simply click the “Start Now” button and complete the form. You will need to enter your verified email and phone number in order to use Ella’s notifications, reports, and messaging features.

After completing the verification by entering the code sent via text message to your phone number, you will complete your account set up and can now login to Ella.

Click the “Start Now” button to start creating your new personal Ella Interactive account.
Complete the form and click “Verify Account” to receive a SMS Verification Code sent to your Cell Phone. The email and phone number entered here will be used for various reasons including receiving notifications, reports, and more.

Create a new business account to begin using Ella’s digital marketing features

Add your basic business information to get started with Ella Interactive. After creating the business, you will be able to enter the business view and begin using the different digital marketing tools packed inside Ella.

Click on the “Create New” button to begin creating your new business account. You will complete the basic business information like category, email, keywords, logos, and more.
To create a new business, you can also click the “+” icon next to ACCOUNTS

How To Join An Existing Business

To join an existing business, share your username to the admin of the business account. They will use your username to grant you access to the business.

How To Add A New User Role To Your Business

Admins can add a new user to the account by going into the business account and visiting the “Page Roles” page. Enter the new user’s username into the form and press the “Add” button.