Enhance Your Email Marketing in 9 Easy Steps

With all of the next digital marketing techniques out there, it can be easy to overlook a more traditional marketing technique: email marketing.  Email marketing is a tried and true method which has proven itself to still be relevant, even with new social media platforms and communication platforms coming out each year.  This steady and trustworthy digital marketing technique is a great way to generate leads and get some more conversions.  Though you may have been using email marketing for years, you do not want to let your email marketing go stale.  There are some techniques and tips that you could incorporate into your email marketing which can really drive up some more conversions.

Avoid the ‘No-Reply’ in Email Address

Including ‘No-Reply’ in a sender’s email address prevents any recipients of the email from sending a follow-up email back.  The ‘No-Reply’ email also prevents any recipients from opting out of an email list.  You do not want your recipients to get the impression that they are dealing with a bot that will not hear their questions or requests.  By including the name of your business or your name in the email, a recipient will be more likely to engage with the email.

Size and Font – Keep it Simple

Email marketing is all about simplicity.  Keep your emails simple in content and in form.  By form, we mean how the email is formatted.  Keep the font the same throughout the email – you do not want to put any staring, however minimal, on the reader.  In addition, keep your font-size to somewhere between 11 and 12.  By keeping the font at that size, you will ensure that the email will be easy to read across different devices.

Use an Email Signature

One common theme throughout these tips on email marketing is that you want to communicate a sense of personalization to your target audience.  You do not want potential clients to think that they are just getting more spam emails.  Using an email signature can greatly enhance the target audience’s attitude towards your emails.  On the email signature, you can include your name and perhaps your title or responsibility within the company.  This way the audience knows that they are dealing with a human, not a bot.

Include Your Logo

Brand recognition is very important, and a great way to increase brand awareness and recognition is to have an image attached to your business.  The logo for your business does not need to be elaborate, but it does need to be seen.  Including your logo on your emails – perhaps in your signature or in another convenient location – will get your target audience familiar with your brand.  People will always choose what is most familiar to them, so let your target audience get familiar with what your brand looks and sounds like!

Review and Clean Your Email List

A common misconception about email marketing is that you want to have as large an email list as possible.  The adage quality over quantity applies to email lists as well.  Regularly look over your email list and see who is opening up your emails.  If there are recipients who regularly do not open up your emails, remove them from the list.  You might ask what the harm is in leaving uninterested email addresses on the list.  For starters, you want to have accurate information on how your email marketing is working.  If 30% of the recipients do not even open up your email, then the data you collect on that particular campaign will not be of much use.  

Personalize Your Emails

One great way to personalize your emails is by including the recipients name in the email greeting. So many emails begin with an anonymous greeting, like ‘Dear Member’.  Demonstrate interest and trust by including the recipient’s name.  So instead of ‘Dear Member’, the recipient might receive ‘Dear Charlie’ or ‘Dear Anna’.  Ella’s email marketing tool will allow the email contact list to address each email individually, so you do not need to do all of that monotonous work.

Try Some A/B Testing

If you are at a loss as to how to increase engagement and conversions on your email marketing campaigns, you might want to consider some simple A/B testing.  You can try two different subject lines and see which subject receives more engagement.  Or you can try two different calls to action and also see which keywords or phrasing works best.  In this A/B testing paradigm, you will be sending out essentially the same thing: the core message will not change.  However, with the experimental group, you can compare how those new ideas stack up against what you traditionally do.

The Subject Line is Key

The subject line of an email is the first thing your audience will read – so you will want the essence of your email to be included in the subject line.  If you are offering a sale for any purchases before February 1st, then that offer should be in the subject line.  Whatever essential information or deals you are communicating to your target audience should be included in the subject line.  

Get a Second Opinion

When you are drafting an email marketing campaign, it is important that you get another set of eyes on what you intend to send out.  You can send the drafted email to a friend or business associate.  If they do not know what the call-to-action is within five seconds, then your email was not concise enough.  If they did know what the call-to-action is, then you did a perfect job of expressing your unique offer!

Though email marketing might be old-hat to many digital marketers and businesses, it is a technique that cannot be overlooked.  There are many new techniques of digital marketing out there, it seems that email marketing is here to stay. Take the time to carefully craft your email marketing campaigns.  Make sure that your emails read like and look like they were sent from an interested person, not just another bot sending out advertisements.  

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