Ella for Accountants and Special Service Providers

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way for your accounting firm to get more leads and increase the size and reach of your business. If you are new to the world of digital marketing, or have just begun to see its reach and scope, then you might be a bit overwhelmed by just how much goes into digital marketing. Keyword research, website development, copywriting, social media campaigns – where does one even begin? You are an expert in accounting, or whatever your specialty is, and you do not want to lose money on something that is brand new to you, like digital marketing. Thankfully, there is a product and service that can suit your needs: Ella Interactive. Ella is an all-in-one digital marketing tool. Ella can automate social media posts, schedule email marketing campaigns, conduct keyword research and track your website’s engagement and other metrics. But, before we take a look at what Ella can do for your accounting firm, let’s first discuss what digital marketing might look like for accountants and other special service providers.

What does Digital Marketing look like for Accountants and Special Service Providers?

As you may have already discovered, there are many different directions that your business can take with your digital marketing strategy. Will you focus on social media marketing and engagement? Producing engaging content on your website? Or do you want to focus more on email marketing campaigns and phone calls – the more traditional forms of marketing? Now, your business does not need to marry itself to a particular strategy, but here are some different directions and points of emphasis that your digital marketing strategy could take.

Create an Informative Website

In 2022, every business needs an effective and informative website. If a user searches up the term, “accounting firms near me,” say, and they find a website that is outdated, clunky, and unappealing, then you could lose out on a potential lead. An individual wants to be able to get a good idea of what your business is all about – the services you offer, your values, testimonials, certifications, licenses, and any other details that are particular to your business. Your website should communicate that you are an authority on the topic at hand and that that individual can trust you with your product or service.

Creating an informative and engaging website is not easy. In fact, it is a full-time job. But that’s what Ella is here for; Ella can create your website, ensure that it fits your vision of your business and that it will perform well with the algorithms that dictate what websites will place where on the search engine results page.

Produce Useful and Engaging Content

Potential clients will want to know what your accounting firm or special service is all about. Does your business have any special services or particular expertise? Blog posts are a great way for you to communicate some services that you are especially well-suited for or particular populations that you have a history of working with. Having regular blog posts on your website will communicate to potential clients that you are an authority and can be trusted. 

Blog posts also have another benefit: they can help your website rank higher on the search engine results pages. The search engine results pages (SERPs) are governed by particular algorithms, which have a variety of criteria. One piece of the algorithm’s criteria is keywords: if your website contains keywords that are often searched, then your website will rank higher because your website is considered relevant. Also, updating your website with regular blog posts will also satisfy the SERPs algorithms. Updating your website with fresh content, researching the relevant keywords, and staying updated with the SERPs’ algorithms are all services that Ella can provide for your accounting firm or special service provider.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Many businesses mistakenly think that social media marketing and social media campaigns are not “serious”, that they are frivolous and should not be used by a serious company, such as an accounting firm. However, social media does not need to be gimmicky, click-baity, or overly light-hearted. Social media marketing, like any other type of marketing, can be tailored to suit whatever message you are trying to communicate. If you want to communicate a professional and no-nonsense demeanor, then you certainly can. If you want your business to appear more fun and easy-going, that can also be accomplished.

Ella can greatly improve your social media presence. Ella has a wide variety of ready-made templates that you can use for your social media posts – which include all of the relevant platforms, like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. By first consulting with some of the experts at Ella, we will discuss what kind of message you would like to communicate to your target audience. With all of that information, Ella will then schedule all of your social media posts and track their performance. An active social media presence and linking your website to your social media accounts is also excellent for ranking on the SERPs, so if you have not established a social media presence yet, now is the time to get started.

Digital marketing is a burgeoning field with many possibilities and avenues to explore. The scope of digital marketing might be a bit intimidating, however. Creating an effective website and navigating the SERP algorithms, producing interesting and engaging content, and all the while still running an effective business seems like just too much for one business to handle. And you are probably right. Thankfully, there is a trailblazing tool like Ella. There are many different ways in which your business can utilize Ella. The tool is dynamic and can be used for small, medium, or large businesses. An all-in-one digital marketing tool, a tool that can do everything from track your Google ads to tracking your phone calls and conversation rates, from social media campaigns to email marketing, Ella is a tool that every business can benefit from. 

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