Custom Marketing Data AI Solutions

Now, more than ever, businesses have a wealth of data at their disposal. Businesses can use this data to make better informed and more accurate decisions. However, not every business knows how to leverage today’s technology to inform their decision-making.

Ella Interactive’s Artificial Intelligence can offer your company the resources and expertise to collect, organize, and act on data that we collect. No project is too large or too small to benefit from our services. Our Artificial Intelligence has the capability to help you better understand your company’s current position and predict future outcomes. Ella Interactive can provide you with artificial intelligence consulting, web application and development, and client services to help you maintain and manage your site after it launches. 

The Development Process

From collecting data, preparing data, creating sites, and preparing models, we will take care of the entire process. Our goal is to tailor a service that best fits your company’s needs and goals. The process we have at Ella Interactive will allow you to have the data and numbers to understand what strategies and ideas are working, and which are not.

Collect Data

The first step we take is to collect data. Ella Interactive’s Artificial Intelligence will scoop up and sort whatever data sets we are looking for. Making informed decisions means having as much data and evidence at your disposal as possible – and that is what is so effective about our service: allowing you to make better-informed decisions.

Prepare Data

Next, we begin to prepare the data. There is a ton of data out there, but not all of it will be helpful for your business. We need to have some discernment and select for what can only help our software launch models that will directly benefit your business’s goals.

Train Model

This is where we begin to put some ideas into motion and begin putting together models for your devices and APIs. By using the data we have – which could, in part, be keyword research – we can begin training models and designing programs that incorporate the research we conducted. We can begin testing out algorithms and begin training the algorithms and models to predict particular outcomes and track certain trends.

Evaluate Model

The next stage in the development process is to evaluate the models and algorithms being developed. This stage and the previous stage – training and evaluating – can have some overlap. At this point in the process, programs and models may be being evaluated as they are being trained. We have a goal in mind and we work backward from there – so there may be some stepping forward, stepping back, and then stepping forward again. 

 Deploy Model

The last step, deploying the model, is not necessarily the last and final step. The process is continuous and ongoing, so if a deployed model is not performing as expected, then adjustments will have to be made – the model will need to be re-trained and re-evaluated.

The Artificial Intelligence Services We Provide

Ella Interactive offers the best in Artificial Intelligence Services. We stay ahead of the latest trends in data science and data engineering, so we can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date insights and trends.

We Use the Latest Technology

We take advantage of the world’s latest cloud storage software – such as the Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. Our expertise in these cloud services allows us to have a dynamic approach and serve a variety of businesses and their needs.


In the world of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning, there is a lot to learn. We do not want to keep you in the dark on these important matters. At Ella Interactive, we will train your team on the latest artificial intelligence procedures and skills, so you and your business have the ability to grow and expand in this new environment.


By using the latest technology and knowledge, we can leverage what we have and what we know to get you vital insights into your business. Our sophisticated models and algorithms can help you understand deep, complex problems that your business might be facing. Our modern methods can help you navigate the future ahead, with the confidence of data science to support your decisions.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things

With advances in the above fields – AI, ML, and IoT – there is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to make smart, effective decisions while saving time and resources. However, this might be all new to you and you do not want to rush into this new field of technology. So, at Ella Interactive, we can gradually teach you and set you up with these groundbreaking technologies and methods. We both need to work together to clearly understand each other’s goals and then implement a strong method and plan that will allow us to realize those goals.

The Internet of Things has introduced a new paradigm into data science and information technology. IoT is an interrelated system of computing devices that has the ability to transfer data over vast networks – all without any intervention or assistance from humans. IoT has been used in many different settings – ranging from home appliances to giant pieces of machinery. Ella Interactive will help you organize an effective and intuitive cloud-based information platform, which will allow seamless integration of information across devices.

Another important service we like to provide is that you will be able to see your data. Being able to visualize your data is very helpful. It can be difficult to understand exactly what your data is doing, or how all of this information is being integrated together and used by artificial intelligence. By having strong visualizations – which can be made possible by platforms such as Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau – you will have even more confidence over your data and your knowledge. Ella Interactive offers the latest technology and expertise in data science, which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide your business with unprecedented insight.