6 Tips on How to Improve SEO

How does your company decide what sort of content and keywords get sent out on social media, on email marketing campaigns, or your business’s landing pages? Are you relying on data or intuition?

Most people rely on their gut instinct, their intuition. While it is important to stay in touch with one’s gut feelings and to trust one’s instincts, in the world of digital marketing, you will want to let the data make the decisions for you. After all, why should you leave your business to chance?  

A huge component of digital marketing is SEO, which is the practice of generating organic traffic to your website and getting it to rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). There are concrete, data-supported ways in which to improve your SEO and to generate more organic traffic to your website. I am going to outline a dozen or so different ways in which you can get more organic traffic for your website. However, you can also take a look at what Ella Interactive can do for you – an all-in-one digital marketing tool that will automate and collect data on your digital marketing campaigns.

Target both High and Low Volume Keywords

Targeting specific keywords is essential to any digital marketing campaign. High-volume keywords are keywords that often get searched, such as ‘digital marketing tool’ and tend to get all the attention.  

Low-volume keywords, however, are not searched as frequently and are usually a lot more specific. The strength in low-volume keywords is that they can turn into leads – because the person searching the term has a better idea of what he or she is looking for. To build off of the high-volume keyword ‘digital marketing tool’, a low-volume keyword might be ‘social media post management’. Be creative in your high-volume keywords – take risks, assess the data, and take the appropriate next steps.

Ella Interactive can help you find the right keywords for your target audience. Ella Interactive can perform keyword research, conduct SEO audits, and provide you with an SEO suite.

Dedicate Time to Understand the SERPs

When you search a term on Google or any other search engine, a certain list of websites will appear. The search engine does not randomly decide which websites will rank the highest but instead uses a specific algorithm, which will rank the websites based on certain criteria.  

All of the content on your website should be geared towards specific keywords and queries. To get a handle on what keywords bring what sort of results, then use your incognito browser and search the keywords that you have in mind – this way you will have an authentic view of how your keywords could be perceived by the average user.

In addition, Ella Interactive has a great tool to help you understand how your website is performing: our Website Analytics Tracking tool. With this tool, you will have a fine-grained view of how users are interacting with your website, allowing you to better optimize your pages so you can rank higher on the SERPs.

Practice the SERP Overlap Test

By using the SERP overlap test, you will be able to get a handle on how certain queries lead to certain results, and if a single piece of content can be found based on several different queries.  

The SERP overlap test works by searching keyword A and keyword B in two different, incognito browsers and seeing what results from each search. If the two queries look completely different, then you know that the search engine treats those two queries as two distinct searches. To get the most out of what these algorithms can offer your business, you want two different keywords to generate similar results, with your website or piece of content appearing in the SERPs.

Featured Snippets in the SERPs

Featured snippets are a great way to generate organic traffic to your website. A person may search for a few keywords or ask a question, and as a result, the search engine will provide snippets from relevant websites. The search was ‘What is online brand protection?’ Here is an example of what a featured snippet looks like:

By keeping your blogs updated with relevant content and information, the search engine will take snippets from your website that are relevant to a certain search query and then post that snippet on the SERPs.  

Improve Page Authority

Page authority is not built overnight. However, you can start to work on your page authority. Posting regular and relevant blogs, posting on social media, and posting as a guest on other websites will give your website more credibility and allow for your website to be ranked higher in the SERPs.  

Think about it – would you trust a website that has not updated any of its content in over a year? To improve page authority and SEO, a website needs to have regular content updates.  

Link Building Strategies

As important as it is to have a regularly updated website, your blogs and social media posts just might not be shared around the internet – and that’s okay. To improve the exposure of your content, and to build up your links, you should network with other businesses and see if they would feature one of your blogs on their website, or share one of your posts on social media.  

SEO is More than Digital Marketing

Many great digital marketing strategies can leverage the algorithms to your advantage. However, your approach to SEO needs to be dynamic. By working with web designers and developers, you will be able to do things with your website that are outside the normal range of digital marketing strategies. By pitching interesting projects, hearing what they are interested in, and what their specific skills are will allow you to work with developers and designers to build and market an effective website.
As you can see, quite a lot goes into SEO and getting your website to rank higher on the SERPs. To use the search engines to your full advantage, you should consider using Ella Interactive’s all-in-one digital marketing tool. Ella Interactive can be used by freelancers, business owners, and any other enterprise looking to maximize its digital presence. Ella Interactive utilizes all of the latest strategies in SEO, so you do not need to worry about all of the intricacies of search engine algorithms and website development. With Ella, your social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and all of the data to track their impact will be recorded, analyzed, and presented all to your convenience. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today and see how Ella Interactive can help skyrocket your digital marketing results.

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